If you’ve completed the Affiliate and Partnerships Industry Associate certification path, you’re already familiar with the Partnerships Life Cycle. Time for another spin—and this time, we’ve ramped up the speed.

In this expert-level certification, you’ll be guided through the Partnership Life Cycle by our Head of Affiliate and Partnerships Education, Coady Joy, and a few big-league special guests.

Learn about different partner types and how to optimize for each of them, as well as how to track your program for all actions (even offline ones!), negotiate for a flawless contract, and map out commissioning structures that will complement business goals. Through each course, you will learn invaluable, high-level information that will help you run and maintain successful affiliate programs, large or small.

By the end of this certification, you will be able to:

  • Explain how to perform regular performance audits and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Explain how to produce SEO-optimized sponsored content.
  • Explain and implement a trademark + bidding program.
  • Explain what card-linked-offer, verification, buy-now-pay-later, podcast, and content partners are.
  • Differentiate between partner types to choose the right type for a brand.
  • Develop effective strategies for working with each type of partner.
  • Explain multitouch and dynamic attribution structures.
  • Explain how to implement SKU, category-based, and new customer commission structures.
  • Determine how commission structures relate to overall goals.

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