In the Discover and Recruit: Affiliate and Partnerships Industry Training – Associate course, we discussed foundational affiliates, growth partners, and emerging models, but we really only had an opportunity to do a deep dive into the former. Foundational affiliates make a great… well, foundation for your partnerships program. But working with advanced partnership types only strengthens the value your affiliate marketing and partnerships program can bring to your organization!

In these courses, you’ll learn the ins and outs of working with commerce content publishers and cultivating strategic B2B partnerships.

By the end of this learning path, you will be able to:

  • Define strategic B2B partnerships.
  • List the benefits of strategic B2B partnerships.
  • Describe various promotional methods for B2B partnerships.
  • Identify your B2B strategic partnership objectives.
  • Define your ideal strategic partnership profile.
  • Analyze strategic partnership audience overlap.
  • Find and approach businesses to create strategic partnerships.
  • Evaluate the compatibility of prospective partnerships.
  • Use the strategic partnership framework template.
  • Manage partnerships and strategic alliances, and work cross-functionally.
  • Create a business case and a strategic partnership agreement.
  • Define the types of commerce content partnerships.
  • Find commerce content partners.
  • Comprehend the content publisher’s point of view.
  • Implement various commerce content strategies.
  • Communicate effectively with content partners.
  • Describe the ways of monetizing commerce content.

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