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  • Brand Learning Paths

    Are you a brand that uses partnerships to promote your products or services? If so, these courses are for you!

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    • Rating 5.0
  • Publisher Tools Basics

    As an affiliate publisher, you probably want to save precious time with your daily tasks. Enroll in this certification path for an introduction to Trackonomics and Pressboard—two software tools that’ll make your life as a publisher delightful!

    • Path
    • Duration 40m
    • Rating 5.0
    • Intermediate
  • Influencer Partnership Types and Content Formats

    If you want to pursue influencer partnerships, you’ve got to get familiar with every kind of influencer. Enroll here to learn which kind of influencer is right for your campaign—and why.

    • Duration 45m
    • Rating 5.0
    • Beginner
  • "Ask Me Anything" Events

    Check out our upcoming "Ask Me Anything" events in the affiliate and partnerships channel and on the platform. Learn from platform and industry experts!

    • Strategic Business-to-Business (B2B) Partnerships

      Are you an affiliate marketer who is looking to spruce up their portfolio with creative, synergistic, strategic B2B partnerships? If so, enroll in this free course to learn hands-on tactics to recruit and track strategic partnerships.

      • Duration 2h
      • Intermediate
    • Becoming Partnership Ready

      Want to learn how to get your profile up and running? Enroll here for a walkthrough!

      • Duration 20m
      • Beginner
    • Resolve to Evolve

      #ResolveToEvolve in January 2023! 3 Certifications. 30 Days. $100 Gift Card! Do you have what it takes to become an affiliate and partnerships industry expert? Join Coady Joy and Laura Press as they guide you through your learning journey.

      • Rating 5.0
    • Resolve to Evolve: Staying on Track, Together

      This 30-minute check-in will allow you to collaborate with your peers also committed to #ResolveToEvolve. We'll work together to support each other in completing our certifications and achieving our goals. You'll have a chance to network and ask questions of...

      • Event
      • Duration 30m
      • Rating 5.0
    • Mediarails 101: Recruitment

      In this course, you will learn how to perform basic recruitment tasks in Mediarails while following along with the lessons and completing the actions necessary to create your initial prospect recruitment campaign.

      • Path
      • Duration 1.2h
      • Award
    • Mediarails Platform Overview - Intermediate 201

      Learn how to navigate the Mediarails platform like a pro! After completing this course, you will have a better understanding of the Mediarails workspaces and their functionality.

      • Duration 1h
      • Award