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  • Competitive Market Analysis Template

    Want a clear, realistic analysis of how your brand’s affiliate program stacks up against the competition? First, you’ve got to crack the code on your competitor's partner programs. Use this template to guide and document your detective work.

    • One-Sheet Template for Advertisers

      Fill out this one-sheet template to share with potential affiliates for a quick overview of your brand, target audience, and program details. It’s a powerful, industry-standard marketing tool to persuade publishers and creators to partner with you.

      • Partnership Meeting Agenda Template

        Tired of fumbling through partner calls or losing track of what each affiliate partner offers? Use this template to gather and organize your notes for easy recall of key info like promotional methods, reach, mutual goals, and partnership opportunities.

        • Template of Commission Rates

          Make sure you don’t sign blind! Here’s a free spreadsheet to compare baseline commission rates and benchmarks across brands and categories to confidently negotiate better deals in your affiliate partnerships.

          • Reports and Reporting for Partners

            This brief video covers some of the various reports accessible to partners on the platform. Guiding you through this journey is Head of Affiliate and Partnerships Education, Laura Press.

            • Video
            • Duration 4m
            • Advanced
          • Managing Campaign Applications on / creator

            Discover how / creator simplifies your campaign management. In this video, Coady Joy, Head of Affiliate and Partnerships Education, provides expert guidance on efficiently managing your campaigns, reviewing proposals, hiring, and more!

            • Video
            • Duration 2m
            • Intermediate
          • QBR Deck Template for Brands

            Want to wow stakeholders this quarter? Grab this free QBR deck template, designed to streamline your meeting agenda with snappy coverage of key metrics, affiliate program analysis, roadmaps, and more.

            • The Ultimate Checklist for Account Managers

              Meet the unrivaled champion of to-do lists! This trusty sidekick is a must-have for brand or agency affiliate account managers, helping them tackle daily, weekly, quarterly, annual, and ad hoc tasks like reviews, recruitment, and reporting.

              • KPIs and Base Commission Rate Template

                No such thing as a minor business decision! This sheet is a helpful exercise for settling on a baseline commission rate for your affiliate and partnerships marketing efforts with company goals, KPIs, and brand-specific factors, like competitor rates, in mind.

                • Ask PXA! Join Laura Live: January 19

                  Need personalized guidance on your #ResolveToEvolve journey? Connect with Laura Press, Head of Affiliate and Partnerships Education! Book your free 10-minute call on January 19 to discuss challenges, certifications, and anything PXA. Limited spots available!

                  • Messaging Best Practices

                    In this video, Coady Joy, Head of Affiliate and Partnerships Education, demonstrates how to write a new message using a template, send a test message, schedule message send times, and more.

                    • Video
                    • Duration 4m
                    • Advanced
                  • Performance Metrics Template

                    Weekly, monthly, and yearly KPI analysis is totally pain-free with this template—we promise. Just add your numbers to view your affiliate program’s volume-based KPI averages (like clicks and return on ad spend) and be alerted to performance anomalies.

                    • Marketing Policy Template

                      This spreadsheet template is for brands to lay down the law on partner compliance. Define trademark bidding rules, set restrictions on toolbars and software, and clarify your gift card and coupon code policies—all in one handy place.

                      • QBR Deck Template for Publishers

                        Make your partner program shine with this QBR deck template for publishers! Highlight your goals and quarterly triumphs, reveal network data, and flaunt your commissions from brand partnerships, all while gearing up for the next quarter's game plan.

                        • Campaign Finance Timeline

                          Keep everyone in the know with an easy-to-follow timeline of your affiliate campaign’s financial events, from the moment an action occurs to the day your partners get their payouts.

                          • Media Buying Tracker

                            Keep your affiliate ad tracking and creative assets in perfect harmony with this template. Just plug in your placement dates, required creatives, offers, due dates, and payments, and watch your campaign management become a breeze.

                            • Affiliate Recruitment Email Template

                              Save time and effort recruiting potential affiliate partners with this plug-and-play email template for brands—it covers all the crucial details, making it a breeze to connect with potential partners, grow your network, and boost your program's visibility.

                              • Configure Tracking Templates and Gateway Settings

                                Master tracking techniques with's dynamic Tracking Gateway settings. In this insightful video, Coady Joy, Head of Affiliate and Partnerships Education, guides you through customizing various tracking settings for all your affiliate links.

                                • Video
                                • Duration 4m
                                • Advanced