About this course

By this point, you've grasped the basics of influencer partnerships. Time to take it a step further!

Ever wondered about the secret sauce for measuring success in the influencer world? This course reveals insights into program benchmarks, business KPIs, and those elusive vanity metrics. You’ll also learn the concepts of engagement rates, analyze impressions, and ace budget-friendly campaigns.

Join Coady Joy Head of Affiliate and Partnerships Education, and Jenna Weintraub, Jenna Weintraub, Head of Influencer Marketing at WITHIN to boost your skills in analyzing program performance, crafting impactful wrap reports, and optimizing content for seamless influencer partnerships.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Measure campaign success using three important groups of metrics.
  • Create a wrap report to encourage influencers to work with a brand again.
  • Analyze influencer and campaign performance metrics.


This course is part of the Getting Started with Influencer Partnerships certification path. Pass the exam to earn your credentials!

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