Everybody loves tools that make their lives easier. Monitoring processes, optimizing brand partnerships, organizing data, and reporting on campaigns are pretty intensive, time-consuming duties… but Tracknomics and Pressboard, two publisher tools from impact.com, are made to help publishers breeze through those tasks (and more!). You’d be wise to make these tools your best friends.

This certification path will introduce you to these tools, explain how they can help you, and take you on a tour of how to navigate their dashboards.

By the end of these courses, you will be able to:

  • Explain what Trackonomics is, what its purpose is, and what its functions are.
  • Describe the benefits of Trackonomics for publishers.
  • Use a scenario to explain how to use Trackonomics to simplify reporting and evaluating an affiliate program.
  • Explain what Pressboard is, what it involves, and what its purpose is.
  • Explain the benefits of Pressboard and why publisher content studios need this tool.
  • Explain how publisher content studios can effectively utilize Pressboard for their sponsored content.