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  • Product Training - Associate Certification Path

    You've got the basics of the platform down. Now, let's dive a little deeper! This certification path is perfect for advertisers, agencies, and anyone managing an advertiser account on

    • Path
    • Duration 3.4h
    • Rating 4.0
    • Intermediate
  • Overview of Finance on

    This microlearning is perfect for brands new to the platform. Coady Joy, Head of Affiliate and Partnerships Education, takes you on a whirlwind tour through action locking and payout scheduling periods, how to reverse actions, and navigating the Finance...

    • Video
    • Duration 3m
    • Beginner
  • Product Training – Fundamentals

    New to the platform and feeling overwhelmed? Enroll in this course! You’ll be familiarized with the fundamentals of the platform from both the advertiser’s and the partner’s perspectives.

    • Duration 1h
    • Rating 4.5
    • Beginner
  • How to Generate a Payment Request Form

    Brands can generate payment request forms on… but how? Watch this short guide to learn from Coady Joy, PXA’s Head of Partnerships and Affiliate Education for Brands and Agencies, where to find this form and when to use it....

    • Video
    • Duration 1m
    • Intermediate
  • Contract and Pay Product Training - Associate

    The Contracts and Finance section of the can be a little tricky to master. No worries—we've made it simple to understand with this intermediate-level course where you’ll learn how building contracts works and what all those little tabs mean.

    • Duration 30m
    • Intermediate
  • Keeping Payment Information Up to Date

    If your partners’ payment details ever change, make sure to update them on as soon as you can! (They probably wouldn’t be very happy if you forget to do so…). Learn how in this quick guide.

    • Video
    • Duration 2m
    • Beginner