Once you’re all partnered up and contracts are good to go, it’s crucial to ensure that everyone involved in your partnership is protected. In this course, you’ll soak up all the valuable tips on how to protect yourself and the brands you work with!

This course explores exactly what you need to secure and how to do it, how to report fraud, and all the steps you should follow to ensure you remain compliant.

In this course, Laura Press, Head of Affiliate and Partnerships Education at PXA, is joined by Jillian Posada, VP of Partnership Accounts at TopCashback, to lead you through the Protect and Monitor phase of the Partnership Life Cycle.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Define how to secure media properties from cyber attacks.
  • Identify and address fraudulent user activities.
  • List the dos and don’ts of TM and TM+.
  • Define what coupon code hijacking entails.
  • Identify how to stay compliant with brands in the face of fraud.