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We've upgraded your learning experience with Skill Tags, Reputation Points, and Credentials. Here's how they work.

  • Skill Tags: These are labels that describe the diverse, unique subject areas that courses focus on. Once you've completed a course, its associated Skill Tags will appear on your profile.
  • Reputation Points: Think of it like XP. As you finish courses, you'll earn points that highlight your hard-earned proficiency in given topics—aka Skill Tags.
  • Credentials: Formerly known as Certificates, these are tangible tokens of your accomplishments that you can share with your network, enhancing your personal brand and career prospects.

Skill Tags

  • Skill Tags are labels assigned to the different core competencies that PXA's courses focus on.
  • After completing a course, certification, or microlearning, all relevant Skill Tags will appear on your profile. It's a pretty awesome feeling to see them all lined up!
  • Want to up your game in a particular area? Simply click on the Skill Tag on your profile, and you'll be directed to a list of all the courses associated with that topic.

For the full list of Skill Tags, scroll to the bottom of this page.

Reputation Points

  • Successfully complete courses to earn Reputation Points.
  • Fundamentals-level courses will earn you 100 points, associate-level courses will earn you 250 points, and expert-level courses will reward you with 500 points.
  • Reputation Points are allocated to the Skill Tags associated with the courses you complete. You'll find them on the Skill Tags visible on your profile.
  • The more courses you complete with a given Skill Tag, the more Reputation Points you'll accumulate for that Skill Tag!


  • Credentials, formerly known as Certificates, are awarded when you pass an exam. They'll appear on your profile below your Skill Tags.
  • Already earned certificates? Don't worry—they'll automatically convert into Credentials, so you don't have to lift a finger.
  • With Credentials, you can prove your expertise in a particular area and take your professional game to the next level. Reference them in your resumé or share them with your network on LinkedIn!

Can you claim expertise in any of these skills?

Finish courses and earn Credentials to score Reputation Points for Skill Tags

Embrace the journey, earn Reputation Points, Skill Tags, and Credentials, and show the world your dedication to knowledge and growth! Who said learning couldn't be fun?