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  • Working with Lead-Based Partners

    Want to supercharge your business growth? Partnering with lead-based affiliates should definitely be part of your strategy. This comprehensive affiliate and partnership industry course covers the essential skills you need to identify low-quality leads, build strong relationships, and define the...

    • Duration 25m
    • Intermediate
  • Defining Influencer Marketing

    New to the influencer marketing scene? Learn how to bring the cool kids to your table in this course on influencer partnerships, which explores everything from spotting the right influencer for your business goals to analyzing metrics once it’s all...

    • Duration 20m
    • Rating 5.0
    • Beginner
  • Aligning Business Goals with Your Commissioning Structure

    Affiliate and partnership channels are most cost-effective simply because they align so well with company goals, with the added advantage of paying directly on KPIs, as well as flexibility in payouts. This short video dips into the practice of aligning...

    • Video
    • Duration 3m
    • Rating 5.0
    • Intermediate