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Reporting and Measuring Influencer Programs FREE Influencer Marketing Training Course Leveraging technology we are now able to accurately track many relevant metrics for influencer campaigns. Just like any other marketing campaign, you’ll want to understand the reporting and performance of your influencer partnerships so you know whether or not you should invest again! This lesson will cover reporting on the various goals and KPIs that you may have set before your campaign launched. This course is part of the Getting Started with Influencer Partnerships certification learning path, which you can complete for a certification in Influencer Marketing and Partnerships. Enroll in the full learning path in the PXA store.  Who is this for? Affiliate marketers who want to expand their portfolio of partnerships to include influencer partnerships. Partnership marketing leaders who need hands-on tactics to recruit and track influencer partnerships. Influencer marketers who want to understand how the influencer landscape is changing, including things like content type and payment models. Course Details: 3 lessons 5 videos 2 quizzes 35 minutes Instructors Nevon Kipperman. Nevon is a Senior Marketing Manager under the ACTIVATE Studio, which is the agency arm of Impact’s influencer marketing tech platform ACTIVATE. She manages influencer partnerships across a variety of verticals, ranging from fashion and beauty to finance, CPG and parenting. As part of the ACTIVATE Studio team, she works with brands including Walmart, Saks OFF 5th, Square, KAYAK, and Crayola. She is passionate about partnerships that champion diversity, and that have a social mission. Some include recent campaigns to uplift small businesses in New York City's Chinatown, and to raise money for LGBTQ+ organizations. Kristen Bousquet. Kristen started her journey studying Advertising & Marketing Communications at the Fashion Institute of Technology, having the privilege of working with & writing for Cosmopolitan, Karla Otto, Teen Vogue, StyleCaster, Brit + Co, Elite Daily, and more. Getting exposure to so many areas of the industry gave her early access to industry trends and the opportunity to learn first-hand the future of social media and influencer relations. Since then, Kristen has launched three successful businesses alongside her own personal Instagram page to share fashion, career, and lifestyle content eventually growing it to well over 20,000 followers and even being named the 2020 Style InfluenceHer of the Year. In 2020, Kristen started Your Soulcialmate, a social media mentorship program, where she helps small businesses and influencers create long-lasting, loyal relationships with their audiences through content strategy, great business practices, and monetization training. Course Curriculum Introduction and important metrics 13 Minutes Lesson Description: (Approx 35 words)  We have discussed how to align your influencer marketing goals with your overall company goals and choose KPIs. In this lesson, we will discuss how to calculate the formulas for these KPIs as well as the additional metrics you should consider when reviewing your program.  Influencer wrap up 10 Minutes Lesson Description: With an understanding of the metrics we need and the formulas to apply, we will discuss  asking influencers for their metrics, the wrap up process and how to make the process as efficient as possible.  Analyzing performance 7 Minutes Lesson Description: In this lesson, we will cover the three components of analyzing an influencer marketing campaign: understanding performance averages, identifying anomalies, and then using this data to tell a story. You will also want to create a program recap to share with your team. Will discuss what to include in this recap. Next steps 5 Minutes Lesson Description: In this lesson, we will discuss what to do after you have parsed the learnings from your program. We will discuss some aspects to consider based on your results including the budget, cast, timing, and insights.  Read More

Organization can go a long ways towards helping you achieve your goals both personally and at work. This course will provide you with ways to become and stay organized, so that you have more time to focus on the tasks at hand.  Read More

As an account manager, your to-do list can seem never ending. Being able to identify your priorities will help you to stay on top of recurring and ad hoc tasks, and improve your efficiency.  Read More

FREE Commerce Content Marketing Course   As affiliate marketing continues to evolve, so do the available partnership types within the industry. Improved tracking and payment methods have allowed for the rise of Commerce Content within the world of partnerships. Commerce content is a great way to diversify your partner mix and to help mature your partnerships program. This course will teach you about the main types of commerce content partnerships, the process for recruiting publishers, the publisher’s point of view, and how to build mutually beneficial and long lasting partnerships.    Who is this for?   Affiliate marketers who would like to strengthen their knowledge of the industry. Individuals who want to learn more about commerce content and how to discover and build long-standing mutual relationships with content partners.  Decision-makers who want to leverage commerce content to both align and achieve channel and company goals.   Course Details:   6 lessons 6 videos 30 minutes   Instructors   Bryce Widelitz. Bryce is the VP of publisher innovation at Impact. Prior to joining Impact, Bryce was the Director of Business Development at CNN, where he was responsible for overseeing commerce strategy and the affiliate marketing revenue stream. Bryce worked at CNN for over 7 and a half years. Bryce also cofounded DesignYourDorm.com.   Marc Undeberg. Marc is an associate on the Partnerships Experience Academy team. Before starting at Impact, he worked at Streamline Marketing for 2 years as a Senior Account Manager. At Streamline, Marc managed affiliate programs for established brands like H&R Block, as well as various high-growth startups. Marc is also a travel photographer and micro-influencer who acts as an affiliate for primarily travel-centric brands. Marc had previously worked as an analyst at a Fortune 100 company before starting a career in the affiliate marketing industry.   Course Curriculum   Commerce Content Basics and Types of Commerce Content Partnerships (8 Minutes) There are various forms of content partnerships. This lesson will define commerce content and give various examples of commerce content pieces. Commerce content can help support your channel and company goals. This lesson will walk you through the consumer purchase funnel and give you examples of commerce content at each state of the funnel.   Finding Commerce Content Partners (4 Minutes) Once you have defined your channel and company goals, you will want to find commerce content partners who best align to achieve those goals. This lesson walks you through the process for finding the right partners.   The Content Publisher’s Point of View (3 Minutes) Understanding both sides of a partnership will help you develop a mutually beneficial and long lasting partnership.    Commerce Content Strategies (6 Minutes) Discovering the right partners is crucial, but so is doing the necessary research in order to set yourself up for success.    Communicating with Content Partners (7 Minutes) Effective communication with partners will help make sure that everyone’s goals are aligned to create long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships.    Monetizing Commerce Content (2 Minutes) There are various ways in which partners can be compensated through commerce content. This lesson will teach you about the various forms of compensation, so that you can tailor your campaign to fit the goals and budgets of both your brand as well as the publishers.  Read More

The Publisher Quick-Pitch Series offers an overview of publishers around the world. The series is broken out by region and provides information on publishers that operate within each region. Understanding which publishers operate within your region, as well as the ways in which they operate, will help you to discover and recruit a diversified and complimentary partner mix.  Read More

You might have taken negotiation and influencing training before, but this course is different and avoids one-size-fits-all strategies and mainstream approaches. Master negotiators don’t shackle themselves with rigid plans. Instead, they arm themselves with the right knowledge and skills to become strategically agile.  Read More

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