Getting Started with Influencer Partnerships

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Samantha Parsons

26 Jul 2021



FREE Live Instructor-Led Influencer Marketing Course.

Influencer partnerships have been around for a long time, but companies are becoming increasingly more strategic with how they go about forming and measuring those partnerships. This live training will teach you about the various types of influencers and how to create a strategy to engage with them as part of your partnerships program. You'll understand how to recruit influencers, best practices in working with them, how to assess influencer performance, and more.

This course is a live, instructor-led training course taking place over the course of five weeks. If you are unable to attend one of the call times, you can still complete the course by watching the class video session afterward.


Who is this for?


  • Affiliate marketers who want to expand their portfolio of partnerships to include influencer partnerships.
  • Partnership marketing leaders who need hands-on tactics to recruit and track influencer partnerships.
  • Influencer marketers who want to understand how the influencer landscape is changing, including things like content type and payment models.



Nevon Kipperman. Nevon is an Influencer Marketing Manager under ACTIVATE Studio, which is the agency arm of Impact’s influencer marketing tech platform ACTIVATE. Nevon manages influencer partnerships across a variety of verticals, ranging from fashion and beauty to finance, CPG and parenting. As part of the ACTIVATE Studio team, Nevon works with brands including Walmart, Saks OFF 5th, Square, KAYAK, and Crayola.

Marc Undeberg. Marc is an associate on the Partnerships Experience Academy team. Before starting at Impact, he worked at Streamline Marketing for 2 years as a Senior Account Manager. At Streamline, Marc managed affiliate programs for established brands like H&R Block, as well as various high-growth startups. Marc is also a travel photographer and micro-influencer who acts as an affiliate for primarily travel-centric brands. Marc had previously worked as an analyst at a Fortune 100 company before starting a career in the affiliate marketing industry.


Course Details:


  • 5 weeks
  • 5 actionable worksheets
  • 3 quizzes
  • 5 hours


Course Curriculum

Introduction to Influencer Partnerships (40 Minutes and 10 Minutes Q&A)
In this lesson, you’ll come to understand the basics of influencer partnerships, including influencer grouping factors, the relationship between different types of influencers and company goals, and influencers' impact through the shopping funnel. 

Influencer Types and Content Formats (40 Minutes and 10 Minutes Q&A)
Join us to learn the relationship between influencer reach and rate, as well as content types and how they can support campaign goals.

Influencer Partnership Strategic Planning (40 Minutes and 10 Minutes Q&A)
Learn how to plan an influencer program that aligns with your KPIs, including budgeting and strategic influencer briefs.

Managing and Tracking Influencer Programs (40 Minutes and 10 Minutes Q&A)
The end-to-end cycle of campaign execution steps will be covered in this lesson. This will include casting and recruiting talent as well as negotiations. It will also include the execution of campaigns.

Reporting and Performance of Influencer Partnerships (40 Minutes and 10 Minutes Q&A)
Just like any other campaign, you’ll want to understand the reporting and performance of your influencer partnerships so you know whether or not you should invest again! This lesson will cover reporting on the various goals you may have set.


What you'll learn:


  • Benefits and drawbacks of working with influencer partnerships

  • Influencer grouping factors, including influencer tiers, content types, and partnership models

  • Influencer size tiers, including megawatt, macro, mid-tier, micro, and nano

  • Influencer partnership models, including brand ambassadorships and one-off campaigns

  • The relationship between influencers and company goals

  • Influencers impact on key metrics through the shopping funnel

  • Content types utilized by influencers, like Instagram stories and posts, TikTok, and others

  • Influencer content amplification

  • Budget planning for influencer campaigns and brand ambassadors

  • How to create an influencer brief and an example template from our experts

  • How to cast and recruit talent, as well as negotiations and execution of campaigns

  • Reporting and data analysis to understand the success or failure of your influencer campaigns

Introduction to Influencer Partnerships
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Introduction to Influencer Partnerships

Week 1 Video Recording
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Influencer Partnership Types and Content Formats
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Influencer Partnership Types and Content Formats

Week 2 Video Recording
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Influencer Partnership Strategic Planning
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Influencer Partnership Strategic Planning

Week 3 Video Recording
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Managing and Tracking Influencer Programs
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Managing and Tracking Influencer Programs

Week 4 Video Recording
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Reporting and Performance of Influencer Partnerships
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Reporting and Performance of Influencer Partnerships

Week 5 Video Recording
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