Getting Started with Strategic B2B Partnerships

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5 hours

Samantha Parsons

20 Jul 2021



FREE Live Instructor-Led Training Course.

As traditional marketing channels become less effective and more expensive, partnerships are thriving. Strategic B2B partnerships in particular drive a high ROAS and add value to both companies involved in the partnership. This live training will teach you about how to form B2B partnerships with other companies to help both companies achieve their goals. You'll learn how to find synergistic brands, how to facilitate partnerships and create a business case for both sides, as well as how to navigate the politics of working cross-functionally.

This course is a live, instructor-led training course taking place over the course of five weeks. If you are unable to attend one of the call times, you can still complete the course by watching the class video session afterward.


Who is this for?

  • Affiliate marketers who want to expand their portfolio of partnerships to include creative, synergistic strategic B2B partnerships.
  • Partnerships leaders who need hands-on tactics to recruit and track strategic partnerships.
  • Individuals who need to understand how to create joint business cases and work cross-functionally with other departments as partnerships continue to grow.


Kristina Nolan. Kristina is Vice President of Affiliate at DMi Partners, where she’s been for over six years. Kristina also has varied experience in social media, PR, event planning, partnerships and myriad other marketing channels. 

Marc Undeberg. Marc is an associate on the Partnerships Experience Academy team. Before starting at Impact, he worked at Streamline Marketing for 2 years as a Senior Account Manager. At Streamline, Marc managed affiliate programs for established brands like H&R Block, as well as various high-growth startups. Marc is also a travel photographer and micro-influencer who acts as an affiliate for primarily travel-centric brands. Marc had previously worked as an analyst at a Fortune 100 company before starting a career in the affiliate marketing industry.

Course Details:

  • 5 weeks

  • 5 actionable worksheets

  • 3 quizzes

  • 5 hours


Course Curriculum

Strategic B2B Partnership Planning & Goal Setting (45 Minutes and 15 Minutes Q&A)
Learn the basics of strategic B2B partnerships, including what this type of partnership is and why you would want to form one. Also, gain access to the associated PXA worksheet that will help clarify what you might want to achieve with a strategic B2B partnership to help you focus business goals and objectives.


How to Find Synergistic B2B Partners (45 Minutes and 15 Minutes Q&A)
Understanding the various strategic B2B partner types and thinking through how your customers buy will help you identify prospective partnerships for your brand. Identify the demographic, psychographic, and geographic profiles of audiences you hope to reach, and outline partner types that could align with those partners.


How to Recruit B2B Partners (45 Minutes and 15 Minutes Q&A)
In this lesson, you will use the Partnership Design Canvas to help determine if the partnerships you create will be a good fit. You’ll also learn how to track the recruitment of strategic B2B partners.


How to Facilitate and Track B2B Partnerships Strategies (45 Minutes and 15 Minutes Q&A)
Learn to work together with your partners to create a joint business case you can present to both executive teams for approval. Then, follow our step-by-step campaign launch process and understand what tracking options fit best, based upon identified KPIs.


Politics of Working Cross Functionally in Partnerships (45 Minutes and 15 Minutes Q&A)
Silos in business units can make approvals for innovative partnerships a challenge. In this lesson, learn how to overcome cross-functional challenges as well as technological constraints. 



What you'll learn:


  • What a strategic B2B partnership is, and why a company might form one

  • B2B partnership types, including marketplace partners, device-based partners, life event partners, financing partners, untapped audiences, and supply chain referral partnerships
  • How to reach out to synergistic brands
  • How customers buy and how a well-designed B2B partnership strategy can reach them
  • Recruiting strategic B2B partners and selling them on your relevance to their business
  • Tracking options for these unique partnerships
  • How to track and measure success
  • Crafting a mutual business case for both companies
  • Working cross-functionally within your own business to facilitate new partnerships
  • Technological constraints with changes to apps, websites, etc.

Strategic B2B Partnership Planning & Goal Setting
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Strategic B2B Partnership Planning & Goal Setting - Live Training

Week 1 Video Recording
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How to Find Synergistic B2B Partners
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How to Find Synergistic B2B Partners - Live Training

Week 2 Video Recording
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How to Recruit B2B Partners
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How to Recruit B2B Partners - Live Training

Week 3 Video Recording
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How to Facilitate and Track B2B Partnerships Strategies
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How to Facilitate and Track B2B Partnerships Strategies - Live Training

Week 4 Video Recording
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Politics of Working Cross Functionally in Partnerships
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Politics of Working Cross Functionally in Partnerships - Live Training

Week 5 Video Recording
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