How to Track and Optimize Affiliate Marketing Relationships

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Marc Undeberg

09 Jul 2021



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Tracking is at the heart of affiliate marketing. As such, it is important to understand the basics of affiliate marketing tracking so that you can correctly attribute actions to partners and identify growth opportunities. This course will teach you about the basics of tracking, different types of creative, and how to handle reversals, missing orders, and action inquiries. You will also learn about best practices when communicating with partners via email, calls, and in-person. Finally, you will learn how to monitor trademark fraud and the actions to take when you encounter fraud in your affiliate marketing program.

This course is part of the Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing and Partnerships certification course, which you can complete for Certification in Affiliate and Partnership Marketing.


Who is this for?


  • Affiliate marketers who are new to the industry and want to develop skills in this field.
  • Individuals who would like to understand the basics of tracking and different types of creative that tend to be successful in affiliate programs.
  • Affiliate marketing managers who monitor and take action in regards to reversals, missing orders and action inquiries.
  • Individuals who would like to learn about effective partner communication with the scope of optimizing an affiliate marketing program.
  • Affiliate managers who want to ensure that trademark fraud is not present in their program. 


Julia Stanley. Julia is a lead consultant at LT Partners. Julia has been with LT Partners for two years now as a lead consultant, advising clients across all verticals on all things partnerships. Previously, she was with Footlocker for 8 years as an Affiliate Manager and Senior Digital Media Manager.

Samantha Parsons. Samantha is Director of Partnerships Experience Academy. Before starting at Impact, she worked on all sides of the affiliate marketing industry for the last 14 years. She worked in-house at Cabela’s, managing their affiliate program. She has also worked for several different publishers, as well as serving as President and Founder of Streamline Marketing, which sold to Acceleration Partners in 2020.

Course Details:


  • 5 lessons
  • 5 videos
  • 5 quizzes
  • 60 minutes


Course Curriculum

Affiliate Tracking Link Basics (15 Minutes)
Tracking is an important part of affiliate marketing as it allows you to correctly attribute performance to specific partners and campaigns. This lesson will teach you about the 4 main components of tracking as well as various methods of data capture. 

Types of Affiliate Marketing Creative & Tracking Links (10 Minutes)
Now that you know the basics of tracking, it’s time to dive into different types of creative that are commonly used in affiliate marketing as well as methods to track creative.

Affiliate Marketing Reversals and Action Inquiries (5 Minutes)
In managing an affiliate marketing program, you may encounter instances where you need to reverse actions that have already occurred and account for missing orders and action inquiries. This quick lesson will walk you through the reasons that you might need to reverse and action, as well as the process for reversals. You will also learn about what to do when you encounter action inquiries and missing orders.

Marketing Newsletters and Communication (20 Minutes)
Communicating with partners is key when managing an affiliate marketing program. This lesson will provide you with resources to create and send newsletters to partners and best practices for calls with partners. You will also learn about different incentivization tactics, content submission resources, and in-person meeting opportunities. 

Trademark Alert Setup and Review in Affiliate Marketing (10 Minutes)
Affiliate marketing as a channel has struggled with fraud. Luckily, there are now various tech solutions that will help you to monitor and take action against fraud. This lesson will teach you why it is important to monitor trademark fraud, how to set up trademark alerts, and actions to take when you come across trademark fraud.



What you'll learn:


  • The basics of affiliate tracking links
  • Successful creative asset types and how to track them
  • Monitoring reversals as a key to success
  • Effective communication with publishers
  • Incentivization tactics for increasing performance
  • Tracking trademark and fraud violations

How to Track and Optimize Affiliate Marketing Relationships
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